New Club Enquiry

Information for New Clubs wanting to join the League

Club Entry Criteria

All non-member clubs wishing to play in the League will need to meet the criteria for entry into the League as follows:

  • the club must be affiliated to a County FA.
  • the club must have current insurance cover (public liaibility and player accident cover) as required by the FA
  • the club must be Charter Standard or commit to achieving the standard before the end of the season in which it enters the League.
  • team or teams being entered must be grassroots level and not academy teams (the only exception is for Girls teams at RTCs entering on instruction from the FA)
  • all club officers, team officials, players and parents must agree to follow the League code of conduct and the FA Respect campaign requirements.
  • the club must agree to be bound by all League rules as agreed at the League AGM.
  • the club must sent representatives (maximum of two) to attend the League AGM (usually held in June) - non-attendance means that the entry will be rejected.
  • entry is dependent on being elected into membership by the current member clubs (by a simple majority)

Club Entry Process

Any non-member clubs wishing to enter teams in the League for the 2021-2022 season should complete the New Club Expression of Interest form first and then you will be contacted by the League Secretary with further information about what happens next.

Your club will be invited to attend the League AGM in June, where a representative will have to say a few words about the team(s)/club, e.g. who they are, where they play, the reason(s) for wishing to enter the League, and answer any questions member clubs may have. A vote will then be taken on acceptance into the League, by a simple majority.

The New Club form should appear below but if you cannot see it (e.g. your browser does not allow iframes) then you can access the form online

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