Charter Standard

Charter Standard League

In 2009, the FA extended their Charter Standard programme to cover Leagues. As the OMYFL is committed to raising standards both on and off the pitch, a CS Coordinator (Mary Simmonds) was appointed to work towards achieving this award. After many hours of hard work and with the support of the Oxfordshire FA, we achieved this award in 2012, also being voted OFA Charter Standard League of the Year in 2013. In addition we have been recognised as a Respect League, supporting the FA's Respect campaign to improve behaviour.

As part of this, the OMYFL identified its vision for the future, as follows:

Our Purpose

To provide child-centred football in a player-centred environment.

Our Vision

We want our league to:

Our Aims

To achieve our vision we will:

Development Plan

As a CS League, we have a very detailed Development Plan, covering areas including growth and retention, raising standards and addressing behaviour, better players, running the game, workforce development, facility development and promotion. You can download a Quick Guide (PDF, 76Kb) to this plan.

Charter Standard Clubs

Member clubs should all be Charter Standard or at the very least working towards Charter Standard within two years of the League becoming Charter Standard. After that time, any club that does not show it is working towards Charter Standard may be refused entry to the League for the coming season.

Fair Play Marking

As part of our commitment to raising standards, we have been piloting a Fair Play Marking scheme over the last two seasons.. From the 2015-16 season, this scheme is being improved. You can visit the Fair Play Marking page to see how we are using this scheme to monitor behaviour via referee match reports.

Codes of Conduct

League (PDF, 227Kb)
Players (PDF, 249Kb)
Coaches/managers/club officials (PDF, 262Kb)
Spectators (PDF, 243Kb)
Match Officials (PDF, 244Kb)


FA CS League Equality Policy/Complaints Procedure (PDF, 245Kb)
OMYFL Safeguarding Children Policy (PDF, 281Kb)
FA Child Protection Policy (PDF, 243Kb)