Fixture Guidance

Severe weather advice

The first thing to remember is that player safety is paramount when deciding whether to play a game or to postpone it. The decision as to whether the pitch is playable or not is firstly down to the Council or to the groundsman if a private pitch. In the event that the Council close their pitches down the League Fixtures Secretary will send out notification as soon as he is made aware of this. Please do let the League Fixtures Secretary know if you receive any notifications of this nature.

The only other person who can postpone a game is a registered referee or the appointed referee for the game. If the game is in doubt, you must contact the appointed referee and try and arrange a pitch inspection. We have no problem with the inspection being carried out by a referee affiliated to the home Club as long as he or she is registered with the FA and will send confirmation of reason for the pitch being unfit to the League Fixtures Secretary.

As soon as the decision has been made to declare a pitch unfit, the home club must contact the away club and ask them if they have a pitch available. The game must be switched if a pitch is available at the same kick off time as was originally planned. The only reason that a switch will not be compulsory is in the event of a last minute postponement and there is a considerable distance to travel. We will use common sense in these type of situations.

If a team refuses to switch then the game may be awarded to the opposition. But the Disciplinary Committee will make the decision based on my previous paragraph.

In no event should a manager postpone the game and then contact the referee to tell him/her that it is off!

Don’t forget that frosty pitches often clear up by 11.00 or 11.30 so the game should be delayed to allow a defrost. We don’t expect young children to stand outside for an hour if the conditions are really bad. Again, common sense must be used.

Our indoor Futsal pitches are available on Saturday and Sunday for U7 – U12 if games are off. We don’t have very much morning availability on Saturday but 12.00 onwards is always an option for you to play your development games rather than freeze outdoors. Please contact me for availability.

Paul Lyon
Fixtures Secretary/Referees Secretary