2019-2020 season closed

League statement on how the season has been concluded

2019-2020 season closed

With the FA Board confirming the decision to end the 2019-2020 season early, the League have had to decide how to conclude the season. The following is the full statement from the League explaining the decision to void the remaining open League divisional competitions, and a note on the open cup competitions.

The following details how the OMYFL has decided to close the season.

Development Matches (Under 7 – Under 11 age groups)

As the season has been declared as over by the FA Board, any remaining development matches will not be played and will be listed as cancelled on Full-Time.

Trophy Events (Under 8 – Under 11 age groups)

As with development matches, the season is now over so there is no time left to play these events. This means that the Spring Trophy Events for Under 9 through to Under 11 have been cancelled. The postponed part of week 2 of the Under 8 Spring Trophy Event has been cancelled as well.

Competitive divisional matches (Under 12 to Under 21 age groups)

The League reviewed the three options given to the League [(a) voiding results, (b) working out final tables on a points-per-game basis, (c) working out final tables by declaring all unplayed games as 0-0 draws]. Whilst the League would have preferred matters to have been decided on the pitch and would have liked to have rewarded teams for their efforts, unfortunately the only option that could be applied fairly and consistently across all 27 divisions was to void the season. Oxfordshire FA have been informed of this decision and have given their approval.

Cup competitions which have not been completed

Like the OFA have done with their County Cup competitions, the League will to defer a decision about ending the remaining Cup Competitions until later in the summer/early autumn to see if there is a chance of playing them once it is safe to do so, but only for those that are at semi-final or final stage. Unfortunately, this means that the two additional Cups (Spring Premier and Spring Championship) for the Under 15s which are at group stages, has been cancelled.

A copy of the full League statement on concludding the 2019-2020 season can be downloaded below

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