Fixture Guidance

Fixture timetable

The following information is provided for guidance purposes - please refer to the League Handbook regarding the specific Rules.


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Questionnaire 20th July This form gives details of home pitches, KO times, referee info and problem dates.
Kick off times By 24 Aug Inform Referees Secretary of home pitch venue and kick off times for season. If times vary, send in details for September and month by month thereafter. Also need to inform your opponents at least 28 days in advance of the kick-off, except in the case of re-arranged games.
Confirm game with Appointed Referee By Friday evening Referees will be appointed by the League for U11 & older plus other games if required. An email is sent to Club Fixture Secretary each Tuesday. If my appointment list shows a game which is postponed or if the kick off time is incorrect, please let me know asap.

You must contact the Referee to confirm venue and kick off time for each game. This can be done by phone or email. Referees will not turn up if not contacted.
Late change of venue or kick off time Immediately If the venue or kick off time change, please contact Referees Secretary and also the Appointed Referee with details of the change. Don’t forget to also inform your opponents! If less than 7 days' notice you must phone your opponents to make sure they receive details of the change.
Postponement Immediately If the game is postponed for any reason, please contact Referees Secretary, your opponents and also the Appointed Referee as soon as possible. Both teams must inform Referees Secretary of the reason for the postponement.

If the home team pitch is unplayable, the game must be switched wherever possible. No postponement will be authorised until it is confirmed that there is no alternative venue.

Do not attempt to arrange a new date. The Fixtures Secretary will do this for you.
Postponement form/email Within 7 days If the game is postponed for any reason, please complete the League Postponement Form, giving full details of fixture and the reason for the postponement, and either email or post the form to the League Fixture Secretary. If the postponement is due to lack of players, then the required letters from parents/guardians should accompany this form.

Alternatively, you can send an email to giving the fixture detail (home team v away team, fixture date, league/cup, age group, club responsible for postponement and reason for postponement), accompanied by letters from parents/guardians if appropriate.
Cup Games One month in advance where possible If you are the home team, please contact Referees Secretary with details of venue and kick off time for Cup games.
Re-arranged Games ASAP If a game has been rearranged due to a previous postponement, the home club should contact the Referees Secretary with new details ASAP, as well as the opposition.
Match Results By 1700 hours on day of game Match result must be sent by text message or email for all games by home team. Development Games for U7 - U11 will not be published but results must be reported.
Goal Scorers and Match Reports By 1700 hours every Sunday These are required for Wednesday's Oxford Mail. Names of Goal scorers are mandatory but a match report is optional. Either team can submit a match report. This applies to U12 and older.
Match Result Cards Within 7 days Home team must complete all details except away players names and scorers. Referees name must be inserted on Result Card as OFA monitor marks. A report must be sent to Referees Secretary if a mark of 60 or less is awarded. Match card can be sent by post or scanned and emailed.