Charter Standard

Fair Play Marking

In the 2013-2014 season, OMYFL ran a pilot scheme to get feedback from referees on the behaviour of teams (club officials, players and spectators) at matches, which included the award of marks, with 5 being excellent down to 0 for unacceptable. In the 2014-2015 season, this was rolled out to all League games for the Under 11s through to the Under 15s, and 11 teams were presented with Fair Play Awards at the Kassam in June in recognition of their high marks.

For the 2015-2016 season, the marking system was changed to marks out of 10, as shown in the table below.


Guidance on awarding marks

10 marks
A perfect match
• The referee will be welcomed on arrival by a club representative
• All Club match day administration has been completed correctly by this team
• No dissent
• Decisions not questioned(other than politely by the team captain)
• No abuse of the referee officials/spectators/players
• Every official/spectators/player clearly understands that the referee’s decisions are to be respected, whether correct or incorrect
• Minimal, if any, appealing for decisions
• Members of this team will have offered genuine thanks to the referee and opponents
9 marks
The referee feels that this was a thoroughly enjoyable encounter with this team
• Match day administration has been completed correctly
• Some unnecessary appealing
• Some very minor questioning of decisions
• A single example of unsporting behaviour by officials/spectators/players that is dealt with promptly and firmly by the team Officials
8 marks
Referee will feel that he/she has been treated with respect
• May be a single lapse in match day administration
• Minor dissent which would be good humoured and not offensive
• Officials/spectators/players have accepted the referee’s decisions
7 marks
Some elements of this teams’ contribution made this match a slightly less than desirable encounter
• A couple of minor lapses in the teams’ match day administration
• Aggressive appealing
• Poor attitude towards the referee by officials/spectators/players
• Officials/spectators/players will have questioned and been reluctant to accept some decisions
6 marks
The referee will feel this team’s contribution made this match an undesirable encounter
• Several match day administrative errors
• Appealing excessively and questioning referees decisions aggressively or vehemently by officials/spectators/players
5 marks
The referee will feel this team’s contribution made this match an unpleasant experience
• Several match day administrative errors
• Referees’ decisions will have been aggressively questioned
• Players will appear to have not been briefed about respecting the referee’s decisions
• Little sign of a sporting approach to the game and opposition players by officials/spectators/players

There were significant issues in the match by the team being reported
4 marks
The referee will feel this team’s contribution made this match a very unpleasant experience
• Lack of any sign of real sporting behaviour by officials/spectators/players
• Serious questions about the management style of the Club
• Team will have been undisciplined
3 marks or below
• The referee will have found the behaviour of this team exceptionally poor and will be left with feeling that he/she will not want to referee this team again.

Fair Play: summary updates

October January May  
11 Oct 2015
14 Jan 2016
18 May 2016

Fair Play Winners 2015-16 season

U11   Cholsey Bluebirds, Summertown Iron Stars (both 100%)
U12   Wantage Town Juniors (100%)
U13   Bardwell FC (99.8%)
U14   Cold Ash Boys & Girls (98.5%)
U15   Hinksey Park (99.8%)

Fair Play Winners 2014-15 season

U11   Crowmarsh Youth Mallows, Goring Robins, Oxford City Blues
U12   Didcot Casuals Yellow, Didcot Town Youth White, Hinksey Park
U13   Cold Ash Boys & Girls, Didcot Casuals, Thame Colts
U14   Grove Challengers
U15   Faringdon Town
All achieve 100%, apart from Grove Challengers who had the highest U14 mark of 99%.